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20% Lotus Points About to start !

Around 7 Hours from not until BONUS LP on buy arrives ! Stay tunned!

Faction Transfer

Transfer from Guanyin faction to Jinong faction with a 66% Lotus Points Discount .
Transfer price [5.000] Lotus Pouints!

20% Lotus Points end!

Lotus Points Sale end at 16.00 server time!!!

20% Lotus Points

Lotus Points Sale Started!
Buy now Lotus Points of any amount and receive 20% More!
This offer expires in 2 days !


Boost up our discord channel for 5$/Month and receive each week from us 1.000 Lotus Points!
Let`s rise this server up and make TwelveSky great again together!
Boosting our server will provide also a great TAG! ([👑ßØƧƧƬƷƦ👑])

Lotus Points Sale Ended

Lotus Points Bonus Ended! Stay tunned for more!

20% Lotus Points

Bonus for purchase is available ! Buy now Lotus points and get 20% more!
Lotus Points Calculation :
((Total Amount * 20/100+ Total Amount ) * 1000) /3

Locked Stones

Because Guanyin faction is over populated , we decided to lock all stones but Yaoguai Stone for a period until Fujin and Jinong Factions are populated also! Do not hesitate to join that clans too!

30% Lotus Points ENDED

After 2 full weeks of 30% more Lotus Points , they will take a breath until next weekend . Don`t worry , another deal will be here for you soon!

Bigger Plans

We are really sorry that we can not answer as fast as many expect , we are also busy , trying to give you best reasons to play and keep everything alive! Enjoy!

Lotus Points Bonus

Until Sunday there is 20% more LOTUS POINTS on buy based on your donation amount!

PVP Turnament

This night , at this fight we got a new winner in his career! Everyone say congratz to Jinong Christopher!

Game Boost!

This week , starting with monday , we are going to incresse EXPERIENCE and DROP rate . Stay close and and prepare for intensive grind!

Awesome Things 3

This is our first time using automated news! 3

Awesome Things 2

This is our first time using automated news! 2

Awesome Things

This is our first time using automated news!

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News Title 2

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