1. NO CHEATING, HACKING, BOTTING OR DUPING. Anyone caught doing any of the above, will be permanently banned. No questions.

  2. NO EXPLOITING OF GLITCHES OR BUGS. If you stumble upon one, do your due diligence and report it to a GM immediately if you think it can be abused. If it cannot be abused, post it in "#🐛bugs-glitches🐛 (Discord)" . Anyone caught abusing bugs will be permanently banned.

  3. NO SCAMMING! Anyone caught scamming or stealing other people's items will be permanently banned. This is a tight knit and trust-worthy community. Let's keep it that way.

  4. Be careful with items! Items that are lost due to trading, sharing items, account info sharing, dropping or public enemy drop. Will not be restored to players. Please be careful with your items. Double check all trades.

  5. NO IMPERSONATING. Staff members will never ask you for your in-game account items or sensitive account information. Staff members will be listed in the staff directory on the right hand side of the channel members. Anyone found impersonating staff members or the staff role will be permanently banned.

    There is a 3 hour cool down on ALL stones. Stones cannot be attacked, or taken during the cool down period. Those who do not honor the 3 hour cool down rule will meet the following consequences:

    1st Offense: Lose all CP
    2nd Offense: Lose all Equipment
    3rd Offense: Permanent Ban of Account

  7. TRASH TALK IS ALLOWED. However, know the limits. If you are caught being excessively toxic you may be muted, or banned.

  8. IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS. Just because a rule is not listed, does not mean that particular thing is allowed. Do your due diligence and keep away from things that would generally get you banned.

  9. NO SELLING ITEMS FOR REAL CASH. All items must be purchased with silver or LP. A staff member can transfer LP between accounts if requested.

  10. Everything you have in Lotus TwelveSky is a Lotus TwelveSky property

  11. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Have fun! 🙂